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ARISe Users Online

  •  Hover over scheduling, scroll down and click on book an appointment

  • If you see “Notice.. you must be logged in”… go ahead and log in using your newly created account

  • Once logged in your name, email should be automatically filled in

  •  Enter your phone number

  • Select a category (this will be related to your advising needs)

  • Select sub-category if applicable

  • Click on “Select a Resource”  (These are your advisers or counselor)

    NOTE: or you can just scroll down to see all available advisors

  • Be sure to note the “Grid Start Date”   That is the current date. You may need to use the back and forward areas to go

    to the date in question. You can also type in the date

  • The green check boxes  are the available times for that resource and that day

  • Click on a time that works best for your schedule

  • The red dots are unavailable 

  • Once the green dot is checked it will turn yellow, meaning that it is waiting on you to submit the request

  • Once you are satisfied, scroll up (or down) and select the teal “Submit Request Button”

  • The appointment is now scheduled


** An email is sent to you and the advisor (PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL) if you don’t see it